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...knows how to enjoy the impression of each moment completely, knows how to inhale its flavour consciously, knows how to let the taste passionately, slowly melt in one's mouth. The true hedonist - male or female - doesn’t like to gobble randomly what is placed in front of them, and never plays the glutton, merely stuffing down as much as one can get.

You are an example of a hedonist and you love to enjoy your desires, love to explore new lands, love to conquer new territory - without haste, slowly. You’ve long since grown out of just simply satisfying your physical appetites. You desire to satisfy all your senses, to follow your instincts for play and delight, to inspire your mind, to taste new flavours, to enlarge not only your erotic horizons, but the whole of your sensual life .

You love life’s luxuries, but your understanding of luxury refers mainly to the freedom to expand your borders, to being free to invest time, to enjoying the greatest pleasure in slowness while still being able to follow fast changes of tempo. You’ve outgrown mere consumption and consumerist attitudes; your basic needs are generally satisfied, now you are ready for sophistication, for exploring your sensuality, exploring bondage, exploring dedication. You are looking for a grown-up woman who looks into your eyes and makes your knees shake, who signals you with just one glance how she wants you, a woman whose desires you cannot resist.

Ana Carolina Xoxo

Hair: Dirty Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9''
Weight: 135
Cup: B
Bust: 36
Waist: 30
Hips: 36


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Welcome to your fairy tail

Hello Welcome to your fairy tail I'm Ana Carolina for special vacation get aways and travel please contact me through the website for a package detail.




Ana Carolina


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